In Memory

Bill Piety

Died 10/29/2010 in Lakewood, CO

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10/27/14 07:34 PM #1    

Bruce Webster

This may be irreverent for a guy name Piety, but I have to tell you this story that he reminded me of at one of the reunions.  We were in Mr. Love's Chemistry class on the first day, and the seating chart was being passed around.  Somehow, it got past Bill, and landed on my desk with a blank space.  Without hesitation,  I entered "Dick Hurtz" where Bill's name belonged, and passed it around.  When Mr. Love read it off, the reverse sequence went " Steve Whittington..(Here),  Bruce Webster..(Here), Dick Hurtz... Dick Hurtz...Dick Hurtz...  Who's Dick Hurtz? ( Do you remember how Mr. Love could glare at you - when he wasn't off chain smoking?)  So Bill said "No,Sir.  Bill Piety!"

Well, the house came down, but not before Bill got sent to Mr. Geyer's office for the first time in his academic career.  Bill told me later it was a defining moment in his social life, because it caught him "major props' from his homies.  Unfortunately, this did him no good in class thereafter, because anytime something was amiss, Mr. Love would shout, "Piety, Vice Principal!" 

10/28/14 11:58 AM #2    

Bill Peacher

You are hilarious! I have Bill Piety memorabilia on my garage wall. Bill and I were very close in junior high and high school. After our 10 yr reunion Bill and I started emailing and staying in touch. Bill was an avid mountain climber in Colorado and gem collector and environmental activist. Bill and I and some other geologist friends of Bill explored all over SE Utah and Colorado and Nevada. A few weeks before Bill passed away I drove him around Big Bear and Death Valley and all over Northern Nevada on the way we talked the whole time! What a brave soul? God bless you Bill. His brother Bob was so proud of Bill and his benevolent way he left this earth.

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