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09/27/14 04:57 PM #1    

Susan Rockar (Williams)

First photo is an aerial view of Hilltop High's campus circa 2011.  Second photo is two-story building constructed   around 2006.  This new building is on the west side of the campus, south of the library, on the corner of Claire and East I.

10/06/14 07:39 PM #2    


Paula Burkey (Litchfield)

Thanks for the photos, Susan.  I haven't seen that campus in 50 years!  We should all remember making a start at CV Jr. High before Hilltop Jr. opened.

Thanks again for a fine website.     Paula




01/21/15 08:44 PM #3    

Susan Rockar (Williams)

Here's some memorabilia courtesy of John Sorensen:  Senior Banquet - June 14, 1965.

01/22/15 11:15 AM #4    

Kathleen Dunham (Stalnaker)

Oh you were bad and probably still are!  HaHa

01/28/15 01:12 PM #5    


Larry Gregory

Hello One and All

So glad that we will have a 50th Class Reunion.  We made it good, bad or indifferent to the other side.  We were the forefront of the times that were a changing forever and for most.  I am happy to celebrate with one and all on this occasion what we did and who we were and are now.  Some of us were players and some were watchers in school but we all collectively effected each other and what we would become.

I would like to say to Valerie that I was sorry to hearing about the passing of her mother.  She had a great effect on those she came in contact with and she always wanted the students to achieve their best in whatever they did.  I know I kept in contact with her whenever I came home on leave and on occasion toward the end of our connection I would occassionally call her on the phone.  She was always interested in what was going on and how happy she was with our class. So I will look forward to see you all in October.

01/28/15 01:26 PM #6    


Larry Gregory

A soldier’s story of sorts, proving again how big and small our world is.  When I was posted to Kassel, Germany, I had to on occasion go and pick up material from the train station.  Normally this occurred at night when the US Army train came through.  As weather would have it on this occasion it was snowing to beat the band.  I am dressed in the Army uniform, wearing an Army great coat for the winter weather, a large hat, scarf and should I forget (I wish I could) a moustache and heavy fog from my mouth in the cold night air.  As I am waiting at the station, no terminal per se, you had to wait outside for the train to arrive, I got the impression I was in a 1940’s black and white film.  Then the light of the train pierces the night and the train knifes through the snow curtain to pull up to the station.  I make the normal exchange of material, signatures, et al when all of a sudden a huge MP comes storming up to me.  A arm extends and finger points and a voice said “your name is either Garry or Larry Gregory, and you live in Chula Vista, California and you graduated from Hilltop High in 1965”.  I was so astounded I could not speak.  The MP then smiled and said “Hi, I am Nick Goodvin.  Good to see you again”.  How he pulled that off I have no idea as I do not believe my mother would have recognized me.  It turns out he had attended San Diego State as a Math major and in his senior year he was drafted into the Army and due to his size he was put into the MPs.  That was last I saw of him and I sincere hopes he will show up so I can offer a drink in rememerance.

01/29/15 10:04 AM #7    

Sandra Davis

Thank you for your story! The Vietnam war had such an impact on us... but especially on those of you who served in the military. Thank you.  

01/29/15 11:27 AM #8    


Laurel Somers (Meyer)

Great story Larry!  I enjoyed the sentiment above as well.  I guess I was one of the watchers because I remember very little about my time at Hilltop and very few people either.  It will be fun to see if i recognize anyone in October.

01/29/15 02:06 PM #9    


Larry Gregory

To quote Bilbo Baggins in part, Lord of the Rings, Volume I at his birthday party "I don’t know half of you half as well as I should like" and look forward to correcting that when I arrive at the reunion.  Thank you all for your kind remarks.

01/29/15 03:03 PM #10    


Larry Gregory

For those who would like to read it i have a story in my profile about Mr Testa and myself.  I believe it happened in my Sophomore year.  If any one knows better please let me know.  It was defintely not in my Senior year.

01/30/15 01:28 PM #11    

Sharon Takamoto (Hasegawa)

What a marvelous story! Such a small world we live in.


01/30/15 03:40 PM #12    


Larry Gregory

A story on Garry Gregory.  When my brother and I were in our Junior year there was a Senior whose name was Gregory Gary.  Because of his name i remember on number of occassions sitting in a classroom as my brother being called out for Senior Activities because his name was the order in which Seniors would be called by Last Name first and there he would go strolling about with a big grin on his face waving to me.

09/04/15 07:41 AM #13    

Darryl Smith


You were brave to take on Testa.

He was a bit crazy and trying to show off.

I remember the incident.

Darryl Smith


09/17/15 04:59 AM #14    

Rosie O'Day (Mason)

Hi Everyone,  I wish I could come to the reunion and see everyone -- I had so many good friends in your class -- but I had foot surgery and am not very ambulatory yet. I send my best to everyone. Have a ball! A big THANKS to the committee members who have worked so hard to provide the event. I know it will be a smashing success!

I thought I would post a few pictures.  I hope you all don't mind, but these are pictures that might jog your memories.  This surfing poster is the original.  There is a picture of the Lancerettes marching in the Fiesta de la Luna. There are pictures of two years of Jarrettes, which was an off-campus service club.  One is my junior year and one my senior year.  We had members from both Hilltop and CVHS.







10/15/15 09:16 AM #15    

Cyndy Livermore (Hicks)

L9ved the photos...drove by the LEADER yeasterday trying yo remember the name. Third ave looks nice now.

10/18/15 09:29 PM #16    

Bobbie Green (Winslow Jackson)

August 2-7, 2016 is Hot August Nights in Reno.  How about planning a get together in Reno during that time.  Janet Farrell and her husband are planning on being here.  If enough people are interested, I could start planning some informal get togethers.  Steve and I could host a BBQ, BYOB.  Or, we have friends that own a bar and restaurant and would provide a venue for probably $20 per person for food and a no host bar.  I'd love some feedback.  Post your ideas.

07/08/16 11:27 AM #17    

Bobbie Green (Winslow Jackson)

We are having a bbq Aug. 6.  It is Hot August Nights here in Reno/Sparks.  If you want to attend just send me a note with your email address and I will send our address and phone number.  For all you Lancers living in the Bay Area and Sacramento, we are not that far away.  

Hope you can make it.


09/03/16 03:57 PM #18    

Janet Farrell (Bieritz)

We had a fabulous time in Reno for Hot August Nights with Bobbie and Steve Jackson.  Look for me on Facebook to see all of the photos and especially one of the 5 Hilltoppers who enjoyed the awesome BBQ !!

12/09/22 03:17 PM #19    

Rachel Walton

Rachel WaltonThis is great thank you. Recently I was going thru over 1000 33 and 45 vinyl records to inventory and sell, and one is a 33 rpm recording of the Hilltop Jr High band in 1962! I am coming to San Diego end of next week and will take it by and give to them if they want it....ah, the memories! Remember the half day sessions at CV while they built our new Jr high?


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