In Memory

Heather Green

Died 6/11/2009

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10/01/15 10:16 PM #1    

Bruce Webster

Who didn't like Heather Green?  Who doesn't have some amazing story about her?  Whose life didn't she touch in a positive way?

I'm sad to hear that she left us. When I last heard from her in about 1984,  I found out she was sick from a connective tissue disease.  I know she was a devoted mother to her children, and that she had once been a Forest Ranger in Colorado in the 70's - Go Green!

By way of our background, Heather and I started digging each other in Leo  P. McDonald's English class, passing notes and kidding around.  How it developed into something much more after the Senior Dinner is a story I will share with anyone who is interesed, because she wouldn't mind.  Heather was my first true love.  Even though it didn't work out, I cherish the memories of that next year when we couldn't get enough of each other.

Heather called me "Brucie" and made me feel like the most important guy in the world.  I played second fiddle only once, to the Beatles, when she put their concert ahead of a date with me.  (Who could blame her?) She was fun, witty, and extremely entertaining.  She had a big kind heart.  She was very bright and took great pride in kicking my ass watching "Jeopardy" together.  That last bit of praise would please her very much.

I will never forget Heth.

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